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Players & deck

The game is played with 40 cards, by removing 8s, 9s, 10s from a standard 52 card deck. The rank of the cards in each suit, from highest to lowest, is: Ace, 7, King, Jack, Queen, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2.
The 7 it's the highest card after the Ace and the Jack also beats the Queen. This is common in Latin (Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French) card games, where the Jack was seen as a Knight and the "Queen" as a maid .

The cards used in Sueca are the typical four suited; Spades, Diamonds,Clubs and Hearts. The significance of these suits is of French and Spanish influence in which the suit of Diamonds symbolized the merchant class, Spades the military class, Hearts the religion (or clergy), and Clubs the working class, or the people.

Playing Cards Sueca

The Deal

The game of Sueca is played to the right (counter-clockwise) and the first dealer is picked randomly. Then the turn to deal goes counter-clockwise (to the right) each new game. The dealer deals 10 cards to each player, including himself. One of the cards of the deck (typically the bottom or the top one), is turned face up to determine the suit trump for that game. That card stays turned on the table during the game and it belongs to the dealer who can play it any time.

The software version of the game at SuecaStars will have the trump permanently showing even after the player have played it. This is a way to help reminding all players of the trump and also who will be dealing next game.

Deck Cards Sueca

The Play

The player to the right of the dealer leads to the first trick. The other players must follow suit if they can. A player who has no card of the suit led may play any card. If any trump is played, the highest trump wins the trick. The winner of each trick leads to the next by playing first.

Being considered a "deaf-dumb game", there can be no exchange of messages in regards the current game or card information (considered cheating in play). SuecaStars enforces that rule by monitoring the chat functions when a game starts and using other methods to detect hand sharing.

Score Game Sueca


In Sueca, the aim is to win tricks containing valuable cards. The card values are:
Ace – 11points, Seven – 10 points, King -4 points, Jack – 3points, Queen – 2 points. Cards from 6 to 2 have no point value.
There are 120 points in the deck altogether. The object of the play is to win tricks containing more than half of the card points. The team which takes more than 60 card points wins the game. In tournament mode the first team to score four game points wins the round and progresses to the next round.
If a team gets between 91 and 119 points it scores two games and if the team gets all the 120 points it scores 4 games. These rules will only be used on tournament or match mode games and not on fast games. In case of tie ( 60 points to each team) it’s considered a null game... no team gets any point or win.

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Frequently Asked Questions


SuecaStars has a dedicated support team to answer your questions. Our team is always ready to help and clarify any queries.

If there are any questions not covered in the FAQ section, simply e-mail us at support@suecastars.com for further help and support. We seek to reply to all questions as quick as possible which in most cases is within 24 hours.


What are your Terms of Service and how safe is my data?

Please read here our Terms of Service.

Also read our Privacy Policy to know how we handle your private data.


I would like to play under different usernames. Can I have more than one account?

No. Each player is only allowed one account only. It is not permitted to close your account and open another one. Once you create an account, your Username cannot be changed.


I forgot my log in details. How can I recover it?

You can reset your password manually by going to the main software log in screen and follow the instructions to reset or recover your details. If you are experiencing problems in resetting your password please email us at support@suecastars.com


I have registered by can't log in.

There may be several reasons why you can't log in. Make sure you made the confirmation of your account by clicking on the link sent to you via email after the registration

Another reason for inability to log in may be due to the fact that the server can be shut down due to maintenance or updates. In the "log in" to the lower left you can check the current status of the server. If the information show a red message "server offline" that means that the server is switched off. However, if you have confirmed your account and the server is on, it could be also due to the fact that you are not be entering the Username correctly. When you log in you must input your username with exactly Caps or lower case letters or a mixture of both as when you have registered.

If after checking all these steps you still can not log in please send a message to support@suecastars.com the same email you used while registering with your username and password in order we identify the problem.


Can I change the language the software appears in?

Yes, you can play the software in Portuguese, English or Spanish. To switch between languages please select the preferred language at the log in section by clicking on the flags available at the top left corner.


Is your software compatible with Mac?

Yes our software runs on Mac Operating Systems


What happens if I am disconnected in the middle of a hand?

Occasionally due to reasons beyond the players' control a disconnection can happen. If that is the case the player who has been disconnected will be replaced by a robot for that game only until the player connects again and re-takes his seat. No other players can take the seat of the disconnected player but only himself.


Can I spectate game?

Yes you are welcome to enter a room and watch a match between other players without actually playing.


What is a “rake”? How much is the SuecaStars rake?

SuecaStars is an internet card room, not a casino. That means you never play any card game against the "house",but only against other real players. SuecaStars receives compensation by taking a ‘rake’, a small amount from each ring game pot. This rake from the pot is a small percentage that is fixed at 10%.
On tournaments there is no rake on the winning pot but an initial entry fee of 10%.


Can I play at the same table as my friend?

Yes. SuecaStars allows you to play friends at the same tables. However, when you do so, you are expected to play just as competitively against your friend as you would against any other player, and you must not share any information about the cards that you hold with them or make any playing agreements in secret (doing so is collusion, which is strictly prohibited).

Also bear in mind that connections at the same table must be from different terminals and different networks. Although usernames from same networks can log in at SuecaStars, it can't play at the same tables for obvious reasons.


What are the chat rules?

Certain forms and topics of chat are not allowed on SuecaStars. Players engaging in offensive chat will be subject to a chat warning or a suspension of their chat privileges. Chat that is not permitted on SuecaStars includes (but is not limited to):

Profanity/Abuse: We do not permit profane, vulgar, racist or abusive/insulting chat in our chat windows. We do have a feature by which certain profane or otherwise unacceptable words are asterisked out; a filtered word is one that has been deemed unacceptable on our site. Players attempting to bypass the filter may also be subject to a warning or suspension of chat privileges.

Begging/Solicitation: We do not permit players to beg or pan-handle for chips, whether play money or real money. No solicitation is permitted in any game at any time. There are facilities in place to prevent many instances of solicitation.

Play Money Chip Sales: Players are not permitted to engage in any discussion regarding the sale of SuecaStars play money chips within our chat facilities. Any such discussion, including the offer to buy or sell play money in SuecaStars chat, is grounds for warning or revocation.

Flooding: The sending of multiple and frequent messages to the chat window in order to drown out legitimate chat is forbidden.

Non-English chat: We are aware that our players are from around the world,but being our games mainly known by Portuguese speaking players we allow both English and Portuguese to be used in SuecaStars chat. Any other languages are not allowed in our chats.


Where can I get more information about how the platform works as well as other questions?

To escalate new questions, and meet the community please visit our forum at www.suecastars.org